An ATM unique pin or personal identification number is a customer’s unique Pin number that is for the sake of security & identification. Normally a four digit unique pin can be anything, i.e. a combination of your birthday, a memorable date with regards to your convocation, your previous car Reg# or any number that will help you remember & recall regards to ATM services that includes cash withdrawals & pay-ins.

Auto-generated by the bank as the initial pin number. Since, you open a bank account can be changed by you. This is subject to your own accord & for the sake of 24/7 memorising your pin number. It has to be something that is very unique & distinct as preferably if your card is stolen or taken by someone else, the pin is not so easy that the card might get hacked.

Always go for the pin or personal identification number which is unique in the sense that it is least predictable. Keeping in mind some of the following. Precisely, is how the unique pin# is selected;

  1. The four digit unique pin is memorable enough for you as you wouldn’t love to write it down for safety & security concerns.
  2. It has to be least predictable by anyone who knows you closely. Otherwise, doesn’t knows you closely, i.e. irrespective of the circumstances.
  3. The four-digit pin is highly memorable in your mind.
  4. Never make a universal pin, i.e. one pin for all cards. It is a unique personal identification number therefore it has to be unique.
  5. The Pin# must display your closeness with the numbers but it should be secretive.
  6. The combination of number should suit you in more than simple ways. For example, 1234 or 1111 are simply bad selections for Pin numbers.


Remembering the ATM Pin# or Personal Identification number is a key & a huge plus. Remembered should be the state of the number. For sake of priority is a key importance for banking needs. Obviously, as too much blocking of pin due to not remembering is indeed a bad practice & signs of a bad memory. Just like the distance from the centre to the circle is the same anywhere from the centre. Similarly, the access to the ATM services via a unique pin number is always the same. However, the number has to be unique so that the identification is an easy process.


For the sake of customers the PIN# is a personal identification for the bank. However, for the customers it just lets them in. That is, precisely to get hold of the ATM services.


The unique ATM pin or personal identification number as bad practices are the D.O.B. Something, which makes them too predictable for people who can have your card hacked. Also, it might take a couple of days to make heavy withdrawals. Hacked or stolen is your card, obviously, if you find later. For instance, your birthday is 7th Jan 1988 and your pin is 7188. It is a bad practice as it makes it too predictable for the rather cleverer hacker. Precisely, to steal money from your account. Other combination associated with similar Date of birth is ‘0701’ which is 07th Jan without the year. Another bad practice of similar date of birth which makes it prone for frauds.

Preciously earned money is what is there in your account. The financials that needs to be highly safe in your account. As well as, other info regards to your account details.

Hence, on the contrary ATM PIN combinations that might not be that hard to memorise. But, are things that stay in your memory in form of digits. Needs to be adopted are a necessity furthermore. These bad practices are ones that will help you in making safe transactions apart from the peace of mind. The connection is safe & thinking right from the perspective of the negative minded people. That is, those who are hackers and can easily make cash withdrawals from accounts of others. That is, without even making them know that they are under the process of fraud.


The first thing you need to do if you have lost your card is to inform your bank. Your bank needs to know immediately regards to the fact that you have lost your card. They would ask you some details that are for personal identification before blocking your card details. Later, for safety & security concerns the bank would preferably release another bank card which is in your name. On top of this, they would advise you. That, if you find your old card anywhere from your pockets or from a cabinet. As you have ordered a new card. Obviously, the card if found needs to be destroyed by a scissor.

In most cases, it’s not advisable to change your pin number. Ironically, which is your dedicated pin that you have been using. Registered in your mind, obviously that needs to be. Vitally, for sake of memorable information. However, if you still think that you are in-secure. Just keep in mind the tips for changing your pin to a new pin number. Again, just simply don’t make it so obvious. That, it’s easy to be hacked or being too predictable.

Over-protection of your card details or your pin sometimes can even lead to wrong assumptions. Exactly, from those who think that you might be carrying loads of money in your bank account. However, just simply be protected and aware of the protection laws. Particularly, that your bank has imposed while being the regulatory body.



Personal identification numbers or PIN# in the early days of ATM was a very integral unique number. However, in modern times it just needs the protection that is a necessity. Looking at the loop holes that are evident a Pin# should meet the demands of consumer regards to safety, security & handling of data regards to ATM services.

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