When it comes to the ATMs the most banks are really good for the branding aspects. The signs, the posts and the symbols that are very clear in communicating & boosting the customer that it is their ATM. However, when it comes to the marketing aspects there are many banks that fall behind.

According to a banker it’s important to identify the customer type or the type of customers who are using the ATM. These are divided into two types, i.e. Tier 1 and Tier 2. The first type, i.e. Tier 1 customers are the users of your bank. They are the ones who already have a bank card and are just using the screen. The marketing strategies that can be used with them is for up-selling that are either based on the analytics. Alternatively, based on the BIN or the card type or maybe even the market area.

The Tier 2 customer are entirely different category as they don’t use the bank card. They belong from another bank or financial institution. The marketing strategies that as a banker you can use is to communicate with them. Furthermore, provide them a worthwhile reason to make a switch. Other offers that you can provide is fee free banking for the sake of account opening or as well as offer product promotions. Product promotions is the best way for them for account opening. Also, the benefits that they can utilise later are a key highlight.


Similarly, marketing can really help in boosting the ATM presence for the retailer. Irrespective, of small or large. Retailers are not FIs or Financial Institutions and they need to adopt strategies that are bit different. Hence, regards to boosting the ATM presence. In the retail industry the ATM presence is worthwhile as many customers are looking for cash withdrawals before buying something they would love to.

How marketing creates values through trust, value and identity is something amazing to note in terms of the demand. However, in the retail environment branding can be used more effectively with similar strategies like in FI’s. That is, through the promotional campaigns and messages. The marketing model is the same, what differs is the customer type. That’s why to play an innings of success it’s important to know the customer type and their preferences. As a marketer or a promotional campaigner you need to know and carefully understand the value of an impression. Hence, in that particular market vs that message in a different market.

It’s also important to take a situational stance, i.e. take advantage of ATMs current position due to a pandemic. For example due to the pandemic the banks had to shut many branches or limit the hours of use. Therefore, the customers began going to the ATM for other services besides getting the Cash. As according to a banker who said that we migrated the customers from teller to ATM, just due to the pandemic. Especially, the banks need to stay on top of this trend to keep the customers at the ATM.

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