Dear Valuable Customers,

There are an increasing number of reports of cybercriminals acting as MBE Inc. representatives employing different methods including telephonic phone calls/ SMS/ e-mail masking with our official numbers to gain access to important personal and business information. Such disclosure of information could lead to any fraud hazard.

Please note that MBE Inc. will NEVER:

  • Call/SMS/email other than the official contact.

  • Send any email/SMS that would require the customer to download a file from any link.

  • Call you to ask your personal information.

  • Send any phishing emails to create a sense of urgency, causing the recipient to fear their account or information is in danger.


  • If the call is from MBE Inc.’s number call back for verification because of number masking cyber scams.

  • Please report such suspicious communication to our contact center on 1 (866) 667-1377.

  • Watch for email senders that use suspicious or misleading domain names.

  • Stay connected to our official social media platforms, to keep aware of the cautions you need to take to keep yourself secure from fraudulent scams.

  • Be especially cautious when opening attachments or clicking links if you receive an email containing a warning banner indicating that it originated from an external source.


  • Please do not respond to any such call / SMS / e-mail other than the official contact of MBE Inc.

  • Do not provide personal details i.e. Driver’s License number, GST/HST/SIN number, PR Card number, account information, etc. over email.

  • Do not click on links or attachments from senders that you do not recognize. Be especially wary of .zip or other compressed or executable file types.

  • Do not provide any sort of terminal information that you already have to any suspicious number acting as MBE Inc.

  • Avoid communications that implore you to act immediately. Many phishing emails attempt to create a sense of urgency, causing the recipient to fear their account or information is in danger.

In case you receive such calls/ SMS/ e-mails, please do not respond. Instead we would appreciate it if you report these suspicious communication at 1 (866) 667-1377 or