ATM Business like many businesses is surely a good idea for any business when we are living ideally in the retail and business world. It is not only a good thing from the business point of view for vendors. But, is also a source of convenience and approachability for the customers.

According to a Market research report, most retail shoppers prefer not to have cash with them. Thus, when they enter the retail store, they have a planned budget.

Hence, they are well aware of their feasibility requirements, and how much amount of cash they need for shopping. The following are the options that are the best from the marketing POV;

  1. Increased Foot Traffic In an ATM Business
  2. Increased Sales Because of An ATM
  3. Customer Retention
  4. Surcharge Revenue
  5. Reduced Card Fees
foot traffic
foot traffic


The need for customers in-store is a mandatory requirement for all store businesses. Having a well-advertised ATM business is an added advantage that will bring customers in-store. Especially true when either your own business or those around accept the cash transactions.

The potential customers will be increased automatically if there is an ATM  present tangibly at your store. This will result allow you making higher sales.

Increasing foot traffic is the best approach according to marketing and promotions. Additionally also enhances the customer’s approach toward satisfaction.

atm business
atm business


Having an ATM business in your store will automatically increase your sales and will give you direct profitability. Therefore, customer satisfaction markers will be automatically increased due to fruitful options in-store.

Research studies have shown that ATM users will spend up to 25% of their withdrawals. Also adding to this, it is in the same store the ATM is located. Combined with more foot traffic, this could increase your sales a significant amount.

Also depending on the type of retail market, the spending, the discount offers, exclusive deals, and seasonal deals are all areas where the customers will spend money and automatically they need cash for that. Although the POS systems are a source of reduction in cash payments.

Still, most people in many countries prefer cash payments due to many security reasons. A desirable marketing strategy is the best way for increased sales and foot traffic.


business world
business world


To retain valued customers is most company policy. Hence, customer retention is important, especially for valued customers. Customer value is linked to branding significance.

When a customer enters a retail store or a market they are positive. Most of them assume they will find everything inside, including an ATM.

The visibility of products for customers shopping in-store is the key aspect of a good marketing strategy. A customer’s value can increase with significance after a customer starts browsing in stores.

Ideal deals and attractive discounts are elements that attract customers to shop in-store. While the customers use the ATM, most of them prefer to get cash with free payment options. As an example i.e. no surcharge at all on taking the cash from the ATM.

Naturally, if they don’t find an ATM they will have to leave costing time, and making them uncomfortable. This also creates an opportunity for the customer to change their mind and not make the purchase.

Hence, from a simple marketing theory, having an ATM business in your retail store is preferable. Thus, an outlet or shop will prevent customers from leaving to gather the funds necessary for the purchase.

Customer retention is not only impactful in any form of business whether large or small. Therefore, it is also a mandatory requirement while sustaining businesses. It helps in creating a brand image in the eyes of the customer.

Therefore, brand loyalty and values are the keys to retaining customers for a longer length of time. One cannot object to a good paying customer, just as the phrase goes “THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT”.

Hence, valuable customers if given their due importance are a good source of business. An example is in the form of shoppers, referrals, and word-of-mouth marketers i.e. Viral Marketing.



The transaction fee is charged when the ATM business is purchased or leased with variables applied. This fee then goes directly to you providing your business with an additional revenue stream.

While you spend some time and money on ATM maintenance, it is minimal compared to the income the machine generates. If you chose to have an ATM placed, instead, you still get a percentage of the revenue.

Additionally, you will not have to do any of the ATM maintenance. Either way, this is a great new revenue stream for your business.

This is the best way to generate revenue through a surcharge amount. Therefore, every time the transaction is made it is the amount generated each time.

The surcharge fee can also be a sum of the transaction fees and the basic nominal surcharge amount. Hence, it is also depending on transactions per day i.e. daily basis. Something to know how ATMs generate money in a busy retail environment.


As a merchant, you are probably familiar with the fees that will be deducted. However, you must have to pay for purchases made with a debit or credit card. While the amount of each fee depends on the total purchase price.

Even small fees can add up to a significant amount increasing the total charges. Installing an ATM business will increase cash transactions as an automatic measure. Thus, saving your money by reducing the number of debit or credit card fees.

This reduced card fee is hence a bonus in the competitive ATM operational environment. Thinking from a profitability approach, the priority of installing an ATM is recognized with the reduction in card fees.


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