Maintenance Process Atm-The Maintenance Procedures

The maintenance process for ATM machines is a constant process that helps in the maintenance life-cycle in the ATM sector. Atm maintenance helps in meeting up the requirements of the customers. As well as, dealing with customer queries in more specialized ways. There are a number of ATM maintenance companies that are there while taking responsibility for the atm maintenance process.

The maintenance demands regular frequency of the procedures. Hence, bringing the services to heights of reliability as well as payment security for the customers. Also, for the atm maintenance companies to maintain regularly.

The atm machine needs regular maintenance work for the sake of preventing paper jams, i.e. the receipts getting jammed. What needs to be ensured is smoothness in operations and also keeping the small problems from getting big ones. It is the responsibility & the authority of the atm operators, the atm maintenance companies, and the owners that should perform maintenance regularly for the sake of ensuring the atm services are always or at most of the time available. It is best that the scheduling of these activities takes place so that they are not forgotten. The maintenance activities should be timely & the alarm system or the trigger must act as a sensor for the activity to take place.

Here are the different areas where ATM maintenance needs to be done.

Maintenance of Card Reader:

The card reader needs maintenance. Obviously, it is a key part of an Atm machine. Alternatively, one must clearly say a key part of an ATM unit. Make use of a wet cleaning swab for the sake of cleaning the card reader. Precisely, of any built-up composed of minute magnetic stripe particles. Also, the ambient dust and the trace amounts of sebaceous skin oil from the users’ hands when handling the atm cards.

Maintenance of Screen:

The maintenance of the screen is regarded as yet another key & most vital part of the Atm maintenance process. It’s the ATM machine screen that needs to be very clear, i.e. in terms of clarity of the words on the screen i.e. the display. The display should stay highly transparent, high in terms of visibility & very clear.

Make use of a soft, damp cloth for the sake of cleaning your ATM machine regularly, even daily if it’s a touchscreen. Obviously, when it’s a touchscreen, it’s even more important to know what’s there written on the machine as dirt can hide many things. In the case of the touchscreen, make use of an antiseptic wipe for the sake of killing the germs.

Maintenance of the Keypad:   

Here comes the maintenance of the keypad. A necessary one as a keypad is most important for the sake of pin# or the ID.  If one of the keypad buttons isn’t working, and one of them is a part of your unique Id. Certainly, the challenge will be to get through for the sake of payment withdrawals.

Make sure for the sake of maintenance that is regular maintenance you use a soft & damp cloth to clean the keypad of dirt and hand oils. Later, follow that with antiseptic wipes to kill the germs.

It is also important as regards health & safety. Obviously, during the pandemic COVID-19, the maintenance frequency for ATMs was increased so that people coming to use the atm don’t get germs from different people which might also result in Coronavirus. Most Atms in Toronto also offered disposable gloves placed where the Atms were. Obviously, so that the people don’t use the machine in direct contact. Minimizing direct contact was found to be the most important key.

Maintenance – ‘Video Surveillance: 

The maintenance of video surveillance at all times, i.e. in times of pandemic & in other times is vitally important as it adds ease to the suffering. On a regular basis as a shop owner, maintenance personnel or an ATM operator just make sure that the camera is operating with a very clear view of the ATM site for the sake of ensuring ATM security. Clean the lens of the camera with lens paper if it is really necessary.

Maintenance of Dispensers – ‘Cash & Receipt’: 

The maintenance of the dispensers is one of the most vital things in an atm machine that needs to be done with regularity. Yes, we are dealing with the cash dispenser as well as the receipt dispenser. Make use of a can of compressed air to blow out all the lint and dust. Lubricate the rollers as they are needed.

A cash dispenser is used for the sake of dispensing cash i.e. hundreds of dollars on an everyday basis. Sometimes, due to lacking maintenance the cash can get stuck or even it can have issues coming out for the customers. Unfortunately, the withdrawal is also registered as technically the cash is released from the atm, but the customer is unable to receive it. Make use of a can of compressed air to blow out lint and dust that easily accumulates in the dispenser. Lubricate rollers, if it is applicable and recommended by the manufacturer.

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