OUTDOOR ATMs VS OTHER ATM LOCS.- Customer Preferences Matter

Analysing the outdoor atms in comparison to the many atm locations. It’s a fact that the customer preferences matters indeed. The other atm locations are obviously falling or being categorised in the category of secure & safe atm locations. Here, in the first place, we are actually only dealing with the atm locations. However, the customer preferences as well as being key point of connection. A key connection that needs to be safe & secure. Obviously, for the sake of positive aspects.


The customer preferences matters in terms of the security & safety aspects. Hence, being key & most important of all. The atm withdraw location needs to be highly safe. That is, with regards to location being unsafe. Thus, as a matter of fact, the factors associated with time. Obviously, plays a major part in the usage of the atm services.

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Atm Canada in comparison with ATMs in Europe are closer. That is, with regards to the safety index. Yes, here we are dealing with the Safety Index which determines the safety values that the country is witnessing. Most of the European countries enjoy a higher safety index value. Thus, as compared to Canada. Obviously, as these are mostly from Scandinavian countries. For example Sweden & Denmark. However, the safety index of other countries that includes UK. Obviously, falls a bit closer in ratio analysis to the Canadian safety index. Thus, this actually means in comparison to U.K. The ATMs in Canada are a bit similar regards to aspects that relates to safety values. However, with regards to comparison with Scandinavian nations. Ironically, it might be lagging behind in the same. A comparison that is vital indeed.

Comparing the same safety index with regards to developing world. For example an African country Nigeria. The safety index is very low. Which shows obviously that Nigeria needs to be safer. That is, for cash withdrawals in comparison to Canada.

ATMs inside the bank in both Canada & Europe are always safe locations. That is, for quick atm cash. They are in usual circumstances equipped with CCTV or Close Circuit Television Cameras.


The comparison is literally not the same. Especially, regards to outdoor locations in developing world as compared to the outdoor Atms in Canada. Although, within Canada the safety level regards to the outdoor Atms is not the same everywhere. Still, most of the outdoor locations or outdoor ATMs are found to be safe. Furthermore, covered with CCTV. The percentage here is at least in middle of 72% – 75%.

While, comparing the same with the developing world. We can easily ascertain that the threat level is high in outdoor atms. Especially, in the developing world in Africa & South Asia precisely India, Pakistan & Bangladesh. These are the countries in the developing world where the threat levels increases. Thus, regards to mugging & cash thefts & more likely to happen at night. Very common set of activities & getting common in ATMs under CCTV observance.

Canada as a country has improved dynamically well. Although, regards to Safety index they are still lagging behind. Thus, as compared to many countries in the continent Europe. Things they have improved are safety, security & the Atm Cash point.


The ATM @ Work is something that Canadian FIs are working on. However, this is indeed a fact that results are optimistic. The optimistic nature of the results shows that ATM Work place norms & policies are the ones. Obviously, that have made Atm @ work a very common thing. This includes, Atm in cafes in offices & atms outside institution libraries. Also, reserved Atm cash point & also Atm in hospitals. Apart from these, Atm for bank employees are always there for Atm in Banks. Hence, which is ironically an Atm work place for people from banking sector.

Irrespective of the location while using the card atm services. Alternatively, any other types of Atm systems. Thus, as a general consumer one needs to be conscious of the fact that you as an atm card owner should be protective for your atm card. Obviously, as an atm card is an identity as well as a sensitive document. Thus, not only in Canada, but also the rest of the developed world.

ATM INDUSTRY CANADA- ‘Are There Any Room for Improvements?’

ATM Canada, & with the key efforts of ATMIA. Also, known as the ATM Industry Association the industry has improved with regards to standards & safety concerns. That is, to a massive extent. However, there is always a room for improvement. This is with regards to any loop holes found by the most valuable customers. These are the customers who value timeliness. Hence, apart from more than anything else.

The placement of atm & atm finder are things that have improved substantially. On top of this, a huge credit goes to the digital world. However, more considerations needs to be made regards to transaction safety. Also includes, transaction timeliness & managing queues. Also, raising the interests of all the key stakeholders. These are the stakeholders that are involved in the ATM industry. Thus, while giving priorities to the customers.


Making an analysis of the queries of customers regards to complain & managing them after getting them registered is a vitality. Nothing is perfect. However, it is brought closer to being perfect while reducing the errors associated. Yes, by errors we mean the number of mistakes & faults that needs to be monitored. Precisely, for sake of bringing an optimistic change. The key motive is to bring an environment of trust. That is, amongst the most valuable & most loyal customers using ATMs.

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