As far as possible ATM locations is concerned. Obviously, there are a number of places or locations where the ATMs can be placed. These are the places in terms of customer preferences. Hence, as most customers trust ATM locations that are in a bank/credit union. This is regards to the level of safety & security as well as reliability reasons. The locations for sure depends on the amount of customers present in that particular region on an everyday basis. Cash need is found to be high in those ATMs. That is, near or even inside a Casino. Also, includes locations in form of the grocery or the convenience stores & the Gas Filling Stations.

The decision to place an ATM is entirely up to the owner. However, they still need to work out some important things. That is, regards to the placement of the ATM. That is, in terms of the location preferences. By location preferences, we simply mean the location where the ATM owner seems to be comfortable in terms of the CFTs or Customer Foot Traffic, & the values that relates to consumer sensitivity. Consumer sensitivity, as a matter of fact is a relationship. Precisely, b/w the consumers that can’t be measured. However, still it is something that can be evaluated by the owner of the ATM with special regards to the body language, the behaviours of the customers in terms of satisfaction levels & finally the image of the location, i.e. overall image including regards to the security factor.


ATM locations falling in others category also includes the Airports. Obviously, can’t be denied in terms of the values that related to the ATM locations. Airports are not only safe locations but are best for the customers arriving from abroad.

  1. Bank/Credit Union:

The bank/Credit Unions or building society ATMs are the locations. Precisely, that falls under the category of being most trusted by ATM consumers. These includes the most sensitive. Also, the touchy customers who need to take in account a number of factors before they withdraw the desired amount.

These also falls under the category of FI’s. Otherwise, the Financial Institutions as the ATM industry falls under the same category. Therefore, the impact is most valued. That is, in terms of the KPIs for the withdrawals. Also, the best location in terms of the preferences. Can be easily sorted are the rising certain key issues. For example, if you have a bank account from Barclays Bank. In addition to this, you are withdrawing amount from the same Bank ATM. If, for instance your card gets stuck in the ATM machine of Barclays Bank & the card belongs to the same bank. You can easily collect the card by popping in branch. Furthermore, telling the issue to the bank CSR or Customer Service Rep.

Therefore, in terms of reliability factor the Bank/Credit Union ATMs are always the best. Most likely that issues will be minimal. Solved very fast, even if there are issues that arise. Hence, apart from anything.

  1. Casino:

Second in the list are the ATMs inside or just outside the Casinos. You would surely love your day at the Casino. If, for example, while playing you fall short of some quid. Surely, you can get some straight away from the ATMs inside a Casino or just outside. The ATM machine in the casino locations or inside or outside one are most filled. That is, with ample amount of cash. Just so that you as a customer enjoy your time for best results. Just like you do when you get to a beach for a game of beach volleyball.

  1. Grocery Stores:

ATMs inside Grocery stores will always increase your level of comfort if you are an eager customer who loves shopping. People come to the grocery stores to buy the items. Obviously, that they have listed down in their list of buying essentials. Hence, while shopping and seeing the mouthwatering discounts on the seasonal grocery they realise that they need to buy more. Obviously, just to cover up their grocery needs for the rest of the week.

A handy ATM inside grocery stores would surely serve the purpose of instant cash as & when needed inside grocery stores. Most grocery stores prefer taking cash payments rather than pay by card facilities. Thus, an ATM in a grocery store is obviously one reliable option for a paying customer.

  1. Convenience Stores:

The concept of a convenience store in the local area or region. Precisely, is for the sake of customer convenience or the convenience of the local residents. The people looking for their favourite local newspaper, a bottle of milk for the morning tea or coffee, fresh eggs & even bread & butter. Anything, that relates with the daily essentials inside a convenience store.

Most customers at the convenience stores, i.e. the locals prefer cash payments instead of card payments. Therefore, the concentration of ATM inside or just outside. Covered by the CCTV cameras as they are most obviously. That is, to scare the hell out of the local thieves. However, also to add more convenience to the concept that falls behind the convenience stores.

  1. Gas Filling Stations:

The ATM at the Gas Filling stations adds an attitude, style & comfort for you while filling up the Gas at your local gas station. Gas stations installed with self-payment options surely need the ATM more effectively. Ironically, so that customers just fill their gas & later pay cash in form of notes & loose coins inside the self-pay machines. Convenience, & no loss of time if in-case you are Out-Of-Cash.

  1. Restaurant/Bar/Club:

ATMs inside a restaurant/Bar & Clubs just adds more fun to your night-outs. Especially, if they are inside a Bar or a Club. ATMs inside a restaurant means you are stepping outside the restaurant after having a good dinner & giving the tip or some extra quid as a good will gesture to the waiter. Something, that he will remember & will make him serve you in much better ways.

Using the POS machines inside a restaurant, a bar or a Club is seen very rarely as most Bars & Clubs prefer the cash options as ideal. Obviously, due to the customer traffic, i.e. the number of customers inside the Club or a Bar. Inside the restaurant, POS is seen as a possible option, but the customers wanting the treatment & loves to pay by cash, prefer paying by cash always.

  1. Retail Stores:

Inside the retail stores, you as a customer would like to keep standing in long queues & find out later that you are Out-Of-Cash & the POS is not working as mostly is the reputation in busy retail outlets. Just to ease the things here, obviously, you need to have cash readily available with you. ATMs inside retail stores are a massive success factor for the consumers who love spending long hours shopping. Especially, during the special discount shopping occasions, i.e. New Year Eve, Christmas Eve & Xmas Season & Boxing Day to get maximum out of the Boxing Day sales.

Customer values & preferences vary in retail stores from one store to another depending on the type of store. Inside the mega shopping marts & chains which includes Walmart the priorities are distributed that is all three options, i.e. POS, Cash Payments or finally Self-payment checkouts. However, inside other types of retail. Precisely, like the clothing outlets or Sportswear. Preferred more frequently as cash payments is by Adidas, an example from practical retail world.

  1. All Other Locations:

All other locations, which also includes Airports, cinemas & hospitals. The ATMs surely are a blessing for the customer with regards to the different KPI ratings. All the other locations. For example, the Airports or the Cinemas are regarded as busy areas. Part of the consumer preferences includes the safety & security while making the cash withdrawals. Hence, apart from instant money if you need it while you have just arrived from a different country.



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