The ATM skimming & frauds are something that needs to be safeguarded against. Especially, due to the frequency of the frauds that have taken place. ATM or the Automated Teller machine is used very commonly in Canada. The reason being Canada is a large country. Apart from this, the overall, i.e. country-wide concentration in this vast land just amazingly sums it up. Obviously, that why frauds needs to be monitored for sake of best results. In terms of the transaction processing the safeguarding of data. Hence, as well as safeguarding from frauds. Also, the skimming & hacking needs to be highly taken into considerations.

Known as TPS in short is a Transaction processing system. It is an information processing system for the business transactions. Hence, involving the collection & modification. Finally, the retrieval of all the relevant transaction data. The retrieval process in transaction processing is the last process. A process which involves the retrieval of data. For example, if a customer wants to know his balance. Otherwise, wants to make a balance enquiry. The retrieval info shown on the screen of ATM of the customer must show the relevant data which is retrieved. Furthermore, displaced from the customer’s account.

An example of the modifications shows. Obviously, that if the customer from his or her ATM card just wants to change the Pin#. Than what he needs to do is simply modify the information. That is, the information that means obviously changing the Pin#.


The key characteristics of a TPS or Transaction Processing System includes performance, reliability & consistency. The middle one is the one that relates heavily to the security of the system. This means that TPS i.e. transaction processing systems. Most precisely, the bank transaction processing should heavily involve the factor of reliability. Apart from the performance.

  • Reliability:

A bank transaction processing which is used in the ATMs with their applications used as diverse applications. Thus, should be highly reliable for sake of avoiding the frauds & skimming. The reliability, i.e. in form of the reliance should stay close. Particularly, to being reliable so that the customers don’t have to face a fraud situation.

  • Consistency:

Consistency is yet another key aspect in the bank transaction processing. Also, by consistency means following the patterns with far more consistency & authority. For example, the frequency of customers coming into the store. Also, using the ATM & taking cash is 8 out of 10 in half an hour. Something, they have been able to maintain with lots of consistency. This consistency obviously means that the TPS is working fine. Apart from this, the rest of the two might be the two cases of limited funds. That is, in an individual’s account.

The maintenance of the consistency in transaction processing systems. Hence, needs the maintenance. That is, via regularly maintaining the software as well as the ATM. Also, for the sake of avoiding the frauds.

  • Performance:

The third & most important in TPS or transaction processing systems is the ‘Performance’. A consistent performance analysis will always be advantageous for an ATM.

Performance includes reduced waiting times for customers. Furthermore, good reviews from the customers & fast transaction processing. Finally, guaranteed quality assurance levels. The performance also includes fraud monitoring. Apart from monitoring, making sure that frauds doesn’t takes place on a rather consistent basis.


The ways to protect against skimming must give the customers. Indeed, a vital edge. Obviously, as skimming is something which is getting common every passing day.

Here are some of the way to protect against Skimming;

  1. The monitoring of your account frequently reduces the levels of skimming taking place. Keep checking your balance online. That is, for the sake of peace of mind & also reduces the damages in an instance of fraud. If the bank offers an account alert. Thus, as best practice setup one as it is one of the best ways of account monitoring.
  2. The safeguarding of your pin is next vital step regards to fraud monitoring & avoiding skimming. This is something which is crucial amongst criminals. A skimmer is smart enough as he has the capability of getting your card number. However, cannot access your pin without observing or recording you as you type it in. The easiest & safest methods is to cover the pin pad when typing in your pin.
  3. Using the visible ATMs is the best way to avoid skimming. As a recommendation it is indeed recommended to use ATMs that are in full public view. Apart from this, the ones that are monitored via video. Hence, known as video monitoring for the sake of ultimate protections against all types of skimming possibilities.
  4. Looking for the ATM abnormalities and just be on the lookout. That is, keep your eyes wide open for any changes on the ATM. These includes new decals, holes or the changes in surfaces on the PIN pad. When you notice anything suspicious you just need to alert the bank. The best way is to use a different ATM in the meantime. Always be aware & conscious if there is even a minimal chance of a skimming activity to take place.


ATM Skimming & frauds are a potential. Thus, as well as common threats these days. Obviously, they can occur anytime. Also, anywhere. As well as, both the banks and the consumers need to be on high alert. Alternatively, called red alert for potential occurrences.

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