The social and environmental impacts of ATM machines are highly evident these days. The social impacts means its impacts it has on the mentality of the people. Hence, as well as the level of security it creates in a social environment. Thus, an environment, that is socially friendly. That is, in terms of most values. By the environmental impacts we mean to say the use of ATM machines. Hence, while making sure that it adheres strictly to the environmental values. Furthermore, the challenges.

For instance, the paperless or e-receipts is a huge environmental impact of ATM. Precisely, in terms of the sustainability. Finally, the green technology.

PAPERLESS RECEIPTS – ‘A Culture That Promotes Green Values’:

The paperless receipts is a culture in the ATM industry. That is, a sound culture that promotes the green values for sake of environmental sustainability. By paperless receipts we mean saving the paper option on the ATM machine. Hence, visible clearly on the ATM monitor. It’s the customers who either choose to select the print receipt option. Alternatively, go for paperless receipts for sake of promotion of green & sustainable values.

The question that arises is what difference it makes? A common question that people asks themselves. However, the best answer to this is paperless is a culture. Obviously, not printing a receipt once doesn’t makes a difference. However, making it a best practice makes a huge difference for the customers. Hence, as well as for businesses in terms of sustainable results. It is a source of creating CSR values. These are the values, that are the building blocks. Thus, leading to sustainable developments. With a culture in action the practices are more dynamic. In addition to this, far more repetitive with results that are far more concrete & authentic.


The impacts of the ATMs concentrated around an area or in a city or country-side. Obviously, all relates to social impacts leading to security. Especially, with regards to the increased security levels. That is, in the remote or rural areas. Just like people need ATMs in urban places like a city centre & is something that increases the financial security aspects. In the rural areas it has a far more impact on the minds of the people. This is due to the amount of ATMs. Otherwise, the number of Atms present in the area are less. Obviously, as compared to those available for use in urban & sub-urban areas.

There are many other social impacts as well. Thus, as ATMs not only makes the place where they are located as safe & secure due to the CCTV presence. Also, it makes the whole environment a safe & secure environment. There are other social impacts in the society. These are ones, that are evident to people who are using it. These includes its use by many people at the same time standing with discipline in long queues. This unity, the discipline & sense of responsibility amongst the masses. That is, the people using the ATM makes it a positive social impact on society. Means the ATM is used as effectively by all genders, i.e. male or female. Also, the age groups, i.e. people of all ages above 14 to 15 and people from diversified ethnicity. The religions & cultures. All of them are dependent on cash every day. Hence, while standing in long queues.

SOCIAL Vs ENVIRONMENTAL – ‘The Interaction Point’:

The social vs environmental interacts when the society is made well aware of the environmental goals. Also, the mission to be successful for unified goals. This is true for most societies in the developing world. A world that needs to be well aware of the environmental impacts on society than the developed world.

Once, I was in Nigeria where I entered a secure ATM location. That is, a specific ATM room one dedicated for ATM withdrawals. It was shocking to see the dustbin full of ATM receipts. Furthermore, even paper receipts outside the bin due to the amount of waste. That is, the unwanted receipts thrown on floor. Therefore, in such a developing & not so knowledgeable society, the awareness for environmental sustainability needs to be on a high. Here, it might not be a social issue. Thus, unless the society of the people create an awareness regards to the interaction point. That is, social vs environmental.

What is Green Technology?

A green technology means the technology that promotes a Green & sustainable culture. Hence, as well as green & sustainable values. Atm machines are part of the Green technology as soon as it asks the customers the question. Do you need an ATM receipt after cash withdrawals or are you promoting green culture?

Green technology via other means is the need of hour. For e.g. use of digital banking for transactions which includes transfer of funds or paying your bills is part of the green technology.

In the Atm machine business as someone making fresh investments, you need to have some clear understandings of the green technology. Simply, owning an Atm machine in Canada is a process that is made easy while having an understanding of the green culture & values in operation. Finally, while looking for an Atm machine near me. Just don’t forget the values it needs to have in terms of sustainability. A global mission.

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