There are various key determining factors that help in determining the profitability of an ATM machine. These factors play a very significant role in acting as a key determining factor. Thus, regards to how profitable is an ATM business. Also, will let you know how to buy an ATM machine in Canada? Otherwise, will also let you know on a more general basis how to buy an Atm machine. I.e. globally.


An Atm location is one of the keys determining factors that shows the profitability of an ATM machine. An ATM located in a busy area or region is obviously far more profitable. Obviously, then an ATM machine that is located in a lesser busy area. The reason is simple, the consumption levels in a day. For example, in a busy area the use of an atm machine per person in at least 5 hours period. Hence, was recorded to be 80-100 people. The same if calculated in a lesser busy area for 5 hours. Thus, shows at least 40-60 people in the dedicated time. Busy locations include shopping malls, restaurants, nail salons, nightclubs, and banks. There are some other locations that can be rated as busy locations. Hence, an ATM location is a mandatory influence in finding out the profitability levels of an ATM machine.


An increasing customer foot traffic, also known as a CFT is a vital factor. A key one that determines, what is the profitability of an Atm machine. It will also signify the importance to buy an atm machine for the sake of CFT. By CFT we mean the Foot traffic in a store usually a retail store. Thus, CFT is measured mostly in retail. Obviously, the higher the levels of CFT in a retail store. Ironically, the more the consumption of an ATM. Therefore, it automatically increases the profitability of an ATM.


The ways to make money with an ATM machine usually are the same everywhere with slight differences or diversions. That is, to know how to buy an Atm machine. The ATM earnings are derived from the processing fee. Let’s shed some light at what is the processing fee. The processing fee is the amount of money a patron pays for the convenience of using an ATM. The processing fee ranges from different prices in different countries. However, to be more specific processing fees for the ATMs in Canada are as low as $2.50 per transaction to as high as $5 or more. The avg. processing fee in Canada is $3.00. So now is the question, HOW it works?

During each transaction. That is, more specifically per transaction. The ATM processor, the ATM owner, and the business owner each take a share of the ATM processing fee. Obviously, if you own both the venue as well as the machine. For obvious reasons, you will be able to make more money per transaction.

Let’s suppose that an Avg. ATM processor processes approx. 300 transactions monthly. Ironically, if you own both the venue as well as the machine, you can make around $50 per transaction, resulting in an extra $150/month in profit. The ATM processing fee clearly shows what the profitability of an ATM is. Something that provides a massive edge to ATM profitability levels.

This will also show you how to make profitable investments in the ATM business & how to buy an atm machine in Canada.


Looking to invest in an ATM business, i.e. you need to know how to buy an atm machine? You need to buy an ATM machine first. Secondly, you need to have a look at your business prospects & what is the best location where you need to make an investment. To buy an atm machine in Canada your research should be based on evaluation of the ROI or the Return on Investment. Initially, the investment should be in limited units & with the increase in profits you can invest in more machines in various diversified locations.

Investing in an ATM business in a country like Japan. Thus, can be different from investing in the ATM business in Canada. These are differences that relate to regional dependencies & the needs of the clients. Technologically Japan is more advanced than Canada. Therefore, the use of ATM machines is more controlled than it is in Canada. A country where the use is relatively higher, esp. in urban locations. Urbanization is the key in Canada. Similarly, in comparison from Canada to Nigeria, a country from the developing world. Thus, the usage of ATMs is totally different in terms of profitability levels. Also, there is a difference that lies in ways to buy an atm machine. Therefore, for the investors looking for an investment in the ATM sector. What’s restricted is the horizon of investments in ATMs.

In Nigeria, safety is a key concern. Therefore, different factors in various locations determine the usage of an ATM machine in terms of the levels of profitability. Thus, also known as profitability levels.

Hence, it’s worthwhile to buy an Atm machine in Canada for the sake of profitability than compared with many other countries all around the world. The key reasons matter.

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